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December 16,2009
1. Security Hits Skater Kid, Skaters Jump Security Guards!!!
2. Jennifer Lopez Does Interview...Talks About Diddy!!!
3. Rihanna Talks About Herpes Rumor!!!
4. Game Makes Fun of 50 Cent in a Nice Way!!!
5. Nick Cannon Getting His Own New York Radio Show!!!
6. Lady Gaga Drops Kid Cudi From Tour!!!
7. Lil Waynes Can't Sell House b/c It Smells Like Weed!!!
8. Big Name Producers and Executives Are Visiting Shyne!!!
9. Stores Tell Chris Brown "Nobody Wants Your Album"
December 15,2009
1. Fan That Kid Cudi Punched Speaks Out!!!
2. School Fight: Girl Gets Put in a Sleeper Choke Hold!!!
3. New Wesley Snipes & Don Cheadle Movie is a MUST WATCH!!!
4. Eminem & Lil Wayne Song Finally Gets Released!!!!
5. Tisha Murphy, Wife of Charlie Murphy, Dies From Cancer...
6. Kelis Says Rihanna and Cassie Took Her Style!!!
7. Omarion Releases New Commercial For Album...WTF??!?!
8. Chris Brown Deletes His Twitter Account!!!
9. Lil Wayne's Jail Sentence Start Date Revealed!!!
December 14,2009
1. Video Of The Day: "Jerry, He Doesn't Know I Was Born A Man!"
2. Dwight Howard Suing Baby Mother for $9.2 Million!!!!