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December 30,2011
1. Principal Puts Hidden Cam's In Boys SHOWERS!!!
2. AMAZING!!...Soccer Players With No LEGS & No ARMS!!!
3. Kevin Durant Hits Game WINNING SHOT!!...Beats Dallas!!
4. Michael Jordan Gets ENGAGED!!!... Details Here!!
5. EVIL!!...Babysitter Kills Baby b/c She Had DIARRHEA!!!
6. Jay & Kanye Paid $6 MILLION For Birthday Party Performance!!
7. Lady Steals Salon Workers Purse...Then PAYS FOR NAILS!!!
December 29,2011
1. 12yr Old Girl STABS Police Officer!!!....Video Here!!
2. 2 Gay Guys BEAT DOWN Man For Calling Them F***GS!!!
3. Cat Commits SUICIDE Trying To Jump Across Building!!!
4. Drake Performs Karaoke With FAN!!!....Video Here!!
5. 50 Cent Releases NEW VIDEO!!!...Watch Here!!
6. SMH!!...Over 100 Preachers FIGHT On Jesus's Birth Place!!
7. 4yr Old Girl FIGHTS AGAINST Gender Stereotypes!...Watch HERE
8. SO SAD!!!...Legendary Chimp From Tarzan DIES @ 80yrs Old!!!
December 28,2011
1. Kat Stacks Is BACK!!!....Says She Wants To Change Her WAYS!!
2. Tallest & Most FIT Woman In The WORLD!!!...MUST SEE!!
3. Beyonce Ready To Give Birth!!!...Details Here!!
4. WATCH OUT!!...Serial Killer Going After ESCORTS Online!!!
5. 50 Cent Drops NEW VIDEO!!!....Watch Here!!!