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December 22,2012
1. Gangnam Style Reaches 1 BILLION Views On YouTube!!!
2. 2012 End Of The World PRANK!!!...Caught On Tape!!
3. New Tyler Perry Movie With Kim KARDASHIAN!!!...Look Here!!
4. Lady Gets HUSTLED On Wheel Of Fortune!!!...Must See!!
December 21,2012
1. Teen Pulls Out Gun In CLASS During Fight!!!
2. Old GRANNY Is WEIGHT LIFTING!!!...Look Here!!
3. Fat Joe Owes $3.7 Million In Taxes!!...GOING TO JAIL!!!
4. Future Releases NEW VIDEO!!!...Watch Here!!
5. Teen KILLED Over Pair Of JORDAN'S!!!
December 20,2012
1. Stripper Takes Little Girl To WORK!!....SO WRONG!!!
2. Jeremy Lin Comes Back To NY!!...Highest Rating All YEAR!!!
3. Kanye West Talks About WEARING A SKIRT!!!
4. Lady Tries To Buy iPad With FOOD STAMPS!!!
5. Eagle Tries To SNATCH Baby In Park!!!....Must SEE!!
December 19,2012
1. Obama Reads Names Of All KIDS KILLED In School Shooting!!
2. Alicia Keys Drops NEW VIDEO!!!....Watch Here!!
December 18,2012
1. Rihanna Drops $12 MILLION On NEW HOME!!!...Pics Here!!!
2. Kid Cudi Releases NEW VIDEO!!!!...Watch Here!!
3. Lil Wayne Pays Off $7 MILLION Tax Debt!!!
December 17,2012
1. Abuse Victim Buts Boyfriend ON BLAST!!!...Look Here!!