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November 27,2012
1. 7yr Old Uses MEDICAL MARIJUANA For Cancer!!...Look here!!!
2. BOOTY IMPLANTS Go Horribly Wrong!!!.... Must See!!
3. Katt Williams In High Speed POLICE CHASE!!!
4. WOW!...Snake Eats & VOMITS Full Grown COW!!!
November 26,2012
1. Actor Says DON'T WATCH "Two & A Half Men"!!...It's The DEVIL
2. Rihanna & Chris Brown Spend Thanksgiving TOGETHER!!!
3. Paul Pierce Gets Crossed & DROPPED BADLY!!!...Must See!!
4. WTF!...Guy Steals A BAIT CAR On PURPOSE!!...Must See!!
5. Girl BEATS DOWN Boy BADLY!!!...Watch Here!!!
6. NFL Star ATTACKS Cab Driver!!!
November 24,2012
1. MUST SEE!!...Man Raps "Look At Me Now" In Family Guy VOICES!
2. Girl Gets KNOCKED OUT For No Reason!!!...Caught ON VIDEO
3. Young Jeezy Releases NEW VIDEO!!...Watch Here!
4. 650lb VIRGIN Gains His Weight All Back Again!!!...MUST SEE!
5. Lil Wayne Plans Retirement!!...Details Here
November 23,2012
1. Child Hockey Coach MOLEST Kids!!!...Report Here!!!
2. Prison BREAK Prank Video Here!!!...Watch!!!
3. Lil Wayne On SEIZURE Medications!!!...Drops NEW VIDEO!!!
4. 13yr Old KILLS 2yr Old SISTER!!!....Report Here!!
5. Future & Kelly Rowland Release NEW VIDEO!!!