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March 01,2012
1. World's STRONGEST KIDS Are Back!!!...Video Here!!
2. Ne-Yo, Jennifer Hudson & Rick Ross Release NEW VIDEO!!
3. Maid Caught PISSING In Family's FOOD!!!....VIDEO HERE!!
4. Marvel Avengers!...New Movie Trailer HERE!!!...FANS MUST SEE
5. SMH...Dumb Chick Goes CRAZY Over Leap Year Confusion!!!
6. 14yr Old Shots MOM 10 TIMES!!!...Gets Support From FAMILY!!!
7. After Surgery, Girl Is SUPER HIGH!!!...Funny Clip!!!
8. 3 Elementary Kids POISON Teacher!!...Teacher Was Too STRICT!
February 29,2012
1. Rude & Offensive Whitney Houston Card Taken Down From STORE!
2. Guy Tries To Break Girlfriend OUT OF JAIL!!...Loaded GUN!!!
3. Snooki From Jersey Shore Is PREGNANT!!!
4. EVIL Friends Knock Out Birthday Girl While Blowing CAKE!!!
5. Gatorade Drops CLASSIC Michael Jordan Commercial!...Must SEE
6. Rapper Max B Lost Appeal!!....In Jail Until 2042!!!
7. Rick Ross Wanted In MURDER INVESTIGATION!!!
8. WTF?!...Guy Sets Hair On Fire & Eats Dorito's ON FIRE!!
February 28,2012
1. WTF! Angelina Jolie Is TOO SKINNY!!!...Check Pictures Here!!
2. Snitch On A Cop?...This WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!!
3. Lady Found LIFE SECRET!!...Looks 30 But Is Really 70!!!
4. SMH!...Old Man 2 Broken Legs Gets ROBBED!!!...Nobody HELPS!!