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September 30,2012
1. Rick Ross & Young Jeezy FIGHT!!!.... SHOTS FIRED!!!
2. Rapper Gun Play BEATS UP 50 Cent's Crew Member!!!
3. Millionaire On FOOD STAMPS DIES By Drug Overdose!!!
4. Nicki Minaj Gives Lil Wayne T-REX For His BIRTHDAY!!!
5. This Is What WAR Looks Like!!!...MUST SEE Helmet Camera!!
6. Justin Bieber THROWS UP On Stage!!!...NASTY!!
September 29,2012
1. Samuel Jackson Drops OBAMA AD Called WAKE THE F***K UP!!
2. Woman SELLS Virginity For CHARITY!!!
3. Floyd Mayweather Spend $50,000 On STRIPPERS!!..PICS HERE!!
4. Thief KILLS 3 Security Guard After Being CAUGHT!!!
5. GOONS Take Over Local Store!!...Someone HELP THESE KIDS!!
6. SO SAD!...Teen SLITS THROAT & DIES Doing YouTube Stunt!!!
September 28,2012
1. CashOut Responds To Lil JoJo Death & Chief Keef BEEF!!
2. Man Who COOKED His WIFE Found GUILTY!!!
3. T-Pain Releases NEW VIDEO!!!....Watch Here!!
4. ShoeNice Is BACK!....Drinks Bottle Of Ciroc In 30 SECONDS!!
5. HUH?!...Barack Obama Giving Away FREE PHONES?!?!?
September 27,2012
1. Rihanna Releases NEW SONG From New ALBUM!!...Check Here!!
2. NFL Referees Are BACK!!!...Enough Was Enough!!
3. Lil Wayne Passes ELVIS PRESLEY On Charts!....Happy BIRTHDAY!