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December 30,2013
1. WTF!!...Tap Water Gets Set On FIRE!!!...Real Or Fake???
2. Waka Flocka's Brother KILLS HIMSELF!!!....RIP!!
3. Dwayne Wade Cheats On Gabrielle Union & Has NEW BABY!!!!!
4. Little Girl BRAIN Dead After Simple Tonsil Surgery!!!
December 29,2013
1. UFC Career OVER!...Anderson Silva Breaks Leg!!!
2. BEST News Bloopers Of 2013!!!....FUNNY!!!
3. Evil Or Good Parents?!?!...Worst Christmas EVER For Kid!!!
4. So CUTE!!...Little Girl Wants To Be Black SO BAD!!!
December 28,2013
1. Man Finds $1 MILLION Cleaning Yard!!!
2. Miley Cyrus House Gets ROBBED!!!!....By Her FRIENDS?!?!
3. FUNNY!!...Stripper Gets STUCK Behind Wall Twerking!!!
4. Top 10 NBA Dunks Of 2013!!!!....Watch Here!!!
December 26,2013
1. Gay Couple KICKED Out From Bar For DANCING!!
2. Firefighter Finds DYING Daughter In Car!!!....So Sad!!!
3. Miley Cyrus Drops FREAKY NEW VIDEO!!!
4. Pedophile Gets BEAT DOWN!!!....Tries To Have Sex With MINOR!
December 25,2013
1. We Wish You A MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy Holidays!!!
2. Hero Of The Day!!...Amazing Story To End Hunger!!!
3. Justin Bieber Announces RETIREMENT!!!
4. Mom BEATS DOWN Daughter For Having Sex!!!!