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Teen Thrown In Jail For 3 YEARS By MISTAKE!!!...MUST SEE!! Posted at 2013-11-23 18:36:15 EST
The story you are about to hear is extremely depressing and will make you lose faith in the justice system. Bronx resident Kalief Browder was walking home from a party when he was abruptly arrested by New York City police officers on May 14, 2010. A complete stranger said Browder had robbed him a few weeks earlier and, consequently, changed the 16-year-old's life forever. Here is the full story.
Man SHOT In The FACE On Train!...Caught On Tape!!! Posted at 2013-11-23 18:30:56 EST
Whenever someone gets shot, the way the bullet travels can decided weather you walk away, need surgery, or die on the spot. The man in the clip below is still standing after getting shot in the stomach and face. The incident occurred on the Moscow Metropolitan Subway on November 17. The gunman shot a man point-blank in the stomach, before kicking him. He is then shot a second time in the face through the jaw.
Derrick Rose Injures Knee AGAIN!!!....So Sad!! Posted at 2013-11-23 18:24:55 EST
After spending over a year rehabilitating a torn ACL, after working and successfully making a comeback, not even 2 months into the NBA season, Derrick Rose has just injured his other knee. We are sad to report, that Derrick Rose will most likely need surgery and miss extended time due to what appears to be a torn meniscus. Here is the latest report on the injury. Story developing.
WTF!...Lady Selling Her VAGINA SKIN!!! Posted at 2013-11-23 18:17:04 EST
Nowadays, if there is some publicity behind it, anyone can sell just about anything. If you follow politics, then you most likely know the scandal that occurred with politician Anthony Weiner and his sexting partner Sydney Leathers. Leathers has just decided that she will be auctioning a piece of her vagina skin folds after completing plastic surgery. Here is what TMZ reported... Share your thoughts.
Lamar Odom On Drugs RAPPING!!!...Admits To CHEATING!!! Posted at 2013-11-22 16:24:12 EST
Many people thought the rumors of ex-NBA star Lamar Odom being on drugs died down. Unfortunately, everyone who sees this video is back to believing it once again. In addition to being on drugs, it is also apparent that he is a horrible rapper, and a cheater to his wife Khloe Kardashian. You have to see the video to understand.
Guy Proposes To Girlfriend During RAP BATTLE!!! Posted at 2013-11-22 16:17:38 EST
Some people are simple and old fashioned, others are very complicated and rarely do things the traditional way. Regardless, a woman being proposed too is something that takes effort, and for some people strategy. In the clip below, the dude decided to propose to his girlfriend during a rap battle competition they bother were in. It went flawless. Enjoy.
Man BEAT DOWN For Hitting Women!!!...Watch Here!!! Posted at 2013-11-22 16:10:46 EST
Some people feel differently about the idea of a man and woman getting violent with each other. Some people do not believe a man should ever hit a woman, while others are more on the side of equality and fair game. The man in the clip below happened to be around someone who feels very strongly about the no hitting a women thing. Unfortunately for him, his actions led to a beat down. Here is the clip.
Kid Playing KNOCKOUT Gets Shot & Sent To JAIL!!! Posted at 2013-11-22 16:06:39 EST
Believe it or not, there is a very stupid game out there that teenagers are currently occupying their time with. The game is titled "knock out" and it literally means to find, single out, and cold. This guy decided to play the wrong game withe wrong person. That is what led to the shooting and his lengthy jail sentence. Here is the report.
GIANT TUMOR Getting Cured With VIAGRA!!!...MUST SEE!! Posted at 2013-11-21 19:14:31 EST
A boy of ten with a giant growth on his neck could be cured after being prescribed Viagra. Jose Serrano's threatening growth threatens to stop him breathing by putting pressure on his windpipe. Surgeons are desperate to operate but it will not be safe until the cystic growth, is smaller. Viagra, which is most famous for helping male impotence, has been discovered to shrink the growths in children. Jose is now taking the medicine in the hope he will one day be able to live life as a normal
Funny Or Not?...Kids Tape Mom Having Sex & Moaning HARD!!! Posted at 2013-11-21 19:04:43 EST
There are some things in this world that parents should try their best to not have their kids exposed too. One of those things is being cautious about when and who they bring home to have sex with. Another thing is being aware just how loud they are being when they do decide to have sex. In the clip below, a daughter and her friend are having a sleepover, while her mom is getting her back blown out. Of course, they record it all and post it.
Famous Psychic Sylvia Browne DIES!!! Posted at 2013-11-21 18:44:53 EST
We are sad to report that Sylvia Browne has passed away at the age of 77. Sylvia Browne is an American author, psychic and spiritual medium. She has appeared regularly on television and radio, including the shows Larry King Live and The Montel Williams show. Here is what TMZ reported... Share your thoughts. RIP.
Jeezy Signs With Jay Z & ROC NATION!!! Posted at 2013-11-21 18:34:11 EST
Rita Ora, Rihanna, Kanye West, Willow Smith, and much more are all signed under the management team of Jay Z and Roc Nation. Most recently, it was rapper Young Jeezy (who goes by just Jeezy) that has jumped ship to join the team. The Atlanta rapper shared the news with his fans via Twitter and even posted the picture you see above. Here is what Baller Status reported... More details coming soon.
Kanye West Drops New Video With Kim Kardashian!!!! Posted at 2013-11-20 17:34:31 EST
When artists become newly married, especially musicians, they tend to get their significant other involved in some of their projects. Robin Thicke had Paula Patton in his video, Wiz Khalifa with Amber Rose, and of course Jay and Beyonce have worked together. Most recently, it is Kanye West getting the assist from none other than Kim Kardashian. Below is a video to their single titled "Bound 2." Share your thoughts.
Chris Brown In Trouble AGAIN!!!...Attacks Mom!! Posted at 2013-11-20 17:29:18 EST
Another day, another issue singer Chris Brown has to deal with. This time he is in more trouble. During his time in rehab, Brown had an outburst and threw a rock through his moms car window. Here is what TMZ reported on the incident... The judge has just ordered Brown to 90 days in a facility and also ordered him to submit to drug testing.
FUNNY!...Mike Tyson Gives Back Holyfield's EAR!!! Posted at 2013-11-20 17:22:21 EST
Once upon a time, Mike Tyson was the most feared fighter on the planet. Once upon a time, Evander Holyfield beat Mike Tyson. Many people are familiar with the famous fight in which Tyson bite off a chunk of Holyfield's ear. Fast forward over 10 years, and the two seem to have made nice. Now, they both, along with other celebrities, give an assist to Footlocker for a new commercial. Enjoy.
Grandma Goes Around Asking For SEX!!!...Prank Video Here!! Posted at 2013-11-20 17:17:27 EST
Many people find it hard to believe that old people, really old people remain sexually active. However, since the creation of Viagra, there was a report that the STD rate among seniors have jumped more than 200%. In the prank video below, a guy gets his grandma to go around asking strangers for sex. Here is the clip.
Rich Man Buys House Next To WIFE!!...Builds Huge F***K YOU!! Posted at 2013-11-19 19:14:48 EST
When you break up or divorce from someone that you have build a life and/or a huge bond with, there will be some hatred. What you are about to see is a man that took his hatred for his ex wife to a whole new level. A very wealthy owner of multiple strip clubs, bought the house next door to his wife, and built a statue of a middle finger. The statue was in direct sight of the wife's bedroom. Here is the report.
Jack Taylor Scores Over 100 Points AGAIN!!...Made HISTORY!!! Posted at 2013-11-19 19:09:39 EST
He did it again basketball fans. Division III Grinnell's Jack Taylor scored 109 points Sunday, nearly one year after he put up an NCAA-record 138 points. Many are saying and called "haters" emphasizing the fact that he plays in a Division 3, and the competition is not as tough. However, you need skills to score all those points, no matter where you are. Can he make it to the NBA? Here is the report.
Racist Or Just Dumb??...Family Fued Clip!!...FUNNY!! Posted at 2013-11-19 18:53:00 EST
When you are drunk, under pressure, and/or do not have time to think, whatever comes out of your mouth is usually your pure thoughts. What you are about to see is a clip from the Steve Harvey hosted TV show "Family Fued." A question is asked regarding zombies, and the lady simply answered "black." Just watch and see for yourself.
Kanye Tells President OBAMA To Stop Talking About His WIFE!! Posted at 2013-11-19 18:48:13 EST
It is no secret that President Barack Obama is in tune with pop culture. It is also no secret that Kanye West is one of the biggest pop icons today. Both Kanye and Obama are from the same hometown, but the two do not hold favorable impressions of each other. President Obama even called Kanye a "jackass." During a radio interview, Kanye spoke on the issue, and did not hold back. Share your thoughts.