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NFL Player Gets His DREADS PULLED OUT!!!...PAINFUL!! Posted at 2013-11-18 20:34:23 EST
If you ever been waxed, or ever had a chunk of hair pulled out of your scalp, then you know how painful it can be. Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Jason Babin accidentally ripped out some of Andre Ellington's dreadlocks during a tackle. These are not strands of hair, they are dreadlocks. Not one, not two, but at least three full locks were taken out. Why was he not in immense pain? Here is the footage.
George Zimmerman Arrested!!...Pulls Gun On GIRLFRIEND!!! Posted at 2013-11-18 20:29:26 EST
George Zimmerman was arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault Monday after allegedly pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend. George Zimmerman's girlfriend went crazy after he allegedly pointed his shotgun at her face and broke a bunch of her stuff. Below is the dramatic 911 call. Share your thoughts.
PlayStation 4 Sells Over 1 MILLION!!!...Guy BREAKS HIS!!! Posted at 2013-11-18 20:23:09 EST
All you video game fanatics have made the makers of Sony look like God's of the gaming world. With just a week under its belt, the latest console had sold 1 million units in just 24 hours. Sony is expected to win the battle of new generation console games against Nintendo Wii and X-Box One. Here is a clip of one either loves attention, or has a deep hatred for PlayStation.
Police BEAT DOWN 14yr Old Kid!!! Posted at 2013-11-18 20:16:50 EST
Do you ever think that a situation can be so bad that police will find the need to physically assault a weaponless teenager? His name is Joseph Williams. His mother said he was tasered and brutally beaten, police say that he fell really badly. The picture below gives you some information on what the outcome looked like. Here is what Philly News reported... Story developing.
Rihanna Drops NEW VIDEO!!!....Watch Here!!! Posted at 2013-11-17 10:51:44 EST
It seems like Rihanna is once again tapping into her dark artistic space. Most recently, the superstar released a video to her smash single titled "What Now." This new video is the sixth single off of Rihanna's 2012 album, "Unapologetic." Enjoy.
Cops SHOOT Car With KIDS Inside!!!....Must See Video!!! Posted at 2013-11-17 10:39:19 EST
What you are about to see is not only graphic, but disturbing as well. A mother is facing felony charges and two state police officers are under investigation after a traffic stop escalated into a wild scene involving broken glass, gunfire and a high speed chase. Here is the full story.
R. Kelly & Lady Gaga Get FREAKY On Stage!!!! Posted at 2013-11-17 10:36:17 EST
The chorus of the song goes "do what you want, with my body" and that is almost exactly what R. Kelly did with Lady Gaga. During a performance on Saturday Night Live, R. Kelly and Lady Gaga got together to perform their singled titled "Do What You Want." The song is catchy to many fans, and the performance is pretty intimate. Enjoy.
Dai Macedo Wins Brazilian BEST BOOTY CONTEST!!!! Posted at 2013-11-17 10:30:21 EST
15 young women competed for the right to be crowned as the owner of the most delightful derriere. The winner, who got the vote of a half-male, half-female jury, was 25-year-old Dai Macedo from the central state of Goias for her 107 centimetres (42 inches) of 'bumbum.' Here is the full report. Enjoy.
New Basketball Shot WORLD RECORD!!!....Look Here!! Posted at 2013-11-15 17:33:42 EST
Records are meant to be broken. Sometimes there are record out there that many people wonder why they even exist. This might be one of them. Globetrotters rookie Thunder Law today smashed the official Guinness World Records® record for the longest basketball shot. He connected from 109 feet 9 inches, besting the old mark of 104 feet 7 inches, set nearly three years ago. Here is the footage. Globetrotters rookie Thunder Law today smashed the official Guinness World Records®
Good Or Bad Parent??...Mom EMBARRASS Kid On FACEBOOK!! Posted at 2013-11-15 17:24:59 EST
When it comes to children, the majority of them go through the same ups and downs in school. However, how parents handle this, is the deciding factor that can shape how they bounce back. What this mother does is basically decide to embarrass her child so she "learns her lesson" about behaving in school. What do you think? Good parenting or bad? Ps: Watch it until they end, the face her daughter makes is priceless!
New Movie About NOAH & His Arc!!!....Watch Preview Here!! Posted at 2013-11-15 17:19:43 EST
If you are a religious or spiritual person, then this might be a movie that will peak your interest. Russel Crowe stars in the biblical remake story of "Noah's arch." There are not many people who do not know the story, but for those of you who do not, the trailer below should be clear enough. Enjoy and share your thoughts.
12yr Old KNOCKED OUT By Teacher!!! Posted at 2013-11-15 17:14:14 EST
How would you react if you found out that your child was knocked out by their teacher? 12-year-old Reginald Wells says something happened Friday between him and one of his teachers at Willie Ray Smith Middle School. Reginald, a 7th grader, says Friday afternoon he stopped in the hallway to chat with an assistant teacher from his math class. He says he cracked a joke about the teacher's favorite football team. That is when the violence happened. Here is the full report.
Man DRUGS Daughter To HAVE SEX With Her Friend!!! Posted at 2013-11-14 17:28:01 EST
Sadly, the title of this article is not an exaggeration, and very accurate. A Connecticut man is accused of drugging his 12-year-old daughter so he can sexually assault her 12-year-old friend. According to court documents obtained by WFSB, 42-year-old Robert Chesters was arrested after his daughter discovered text messages on her friend’s phone that indicated the two had started having sex during an August sleep-over at the family’s home. Here is the full report.
Mayor Talks About EATING P***Y On LIVE TV!!!..FUNNY!!! Posted at 2013-11-14 17:21:27 EST
Once again, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is back in the news for his crazy antics and pretty funny moments. The whole crack thing is still going on, but today he shocked the world by being extra blunt during an interview. In a recent scandal, he was accused of wanting to have oral sex with a coworker of his. Here he is denying those allegations. Who wants to take a trip to Toronto?
NFL Star Gets 15 YEARS IN JAIL!!...Big Time DRUG DEALER!!! Posted at 2013-11-14 17:15:41 EST
A nervous, Sam Hurd stood before U.S. District court judge Jorge A. On Wednesday in federal court in Dallas and begged for forgiveness and leniency, calling himself "the stupidest drug guy ever." The government had recommended a life sentence without the possibility of parole, but Solis instead sentenced the former Cowboys and Bears receiver to 15 years in federal prison for his involvement in marijuana and cocaine trafficking. So sad.
Chris Brown OUT Of Rehab!!...Back Doing Community Service!! Posted at 2013-11-14 17:07:26 EST
It seems like Chris Brown has officially become a salve to the system. Where does he find time to focus on his career when he is either getting arrested, in and out of rehab, in anger management, and completing his community service hours? Most recently, Brown left rehab but immediately had to go complete his mandatory community service. Here is what TMZ reported... Story developing.
NFL STAR Richie Incognito SPEAKS OUT!!...Interview Here!! Posted at 2013-11-13 19:56:54 EST
For those of you who keep up with sports or current events, you have probably heard the name of Richie Incognito. Believe it or not, Johnathan Martin, an NFL player, has literally left his job, because he was being bullied by Incognito. The Miami Dolphins have since suspended him, but his reputation is tainted. FOX Sports' Jay Glazer interview with NFL player Richie Incognito, and he finally has a chance to share his side of the story. Share your thoughts.
New Lesbian Sex Disease Horror Movie!!!...Preview HERE!! Posted at 2013-11-13 19:52:18 EST
The title pretty much explains what you are about to see when you watch the clip below. It is an independent film that has been getting a lot of reviews, most even positive. You will probably end up scratching your head a few times wondering who came up with this concept, but it is interesting. The film is titled "Contracted." Share your thoughts.
Kendrick Lamar Wins GQ MAN OF THE YEAR!!!...Freestyle Here!! Posted at 2013-11-13 19:48:45 EST
When it comes to recognition, respect and new business opportunities, rapper Kendrick Lamar has officially blown up. Most recently, Kendrick Lamar has been awarded GQ Man Of The Year. He will be on the cover of the magazine. In the clip below, it shows the photo shoot, and he even drops a quick freestyle on the set. Share your thoughts.
Pusha T & Rick Ross Drop NEW VIDEO!!! Posted at 2013-11-13 19:45:11 EST
Many rap music fans are claiming that Pusha T has arguably the best album of the year. Then again, Pusha T remains extremely under noticed when compared to artists like Drake, J. Cole and other big stars. Regardless, quality music is still delivered. Most recently, he gets an assist from Rick Ross to bring fans a new video to their single titled "Hold On." Enjoy.