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Michael B. Jordan speaks up against the haters Posted at 2014-02-23 17:55:03 EST
Everyone and their mother knew that there was going to be some serious backlash when a Black man was casted to play a comic book superhero who has always been blonde hair, blue eyed white man with a equally white super powered sister, who was casted as a white girl as usual. But it seems that the hate that was obviously anticipated has not affected Michael in any way. He was quoted saying it doesn't bother him because those same people are going to pay to see it any ways, and we believe he is ri
World's Most Powerful Drug Lord "El Chapo" Guzman, captured Posted at 2014-02-22 22:04:30 EST
Joaquin Guzman, the world's most wanted drug lord, has been captured in Mexico. He was labeled as Chicago's Public Enemy #1, with a networth in the Billions. Assume to have revenue of $3 billion a year. Joaquin Guzman is the notorious leader of The Mexican Sinaloa Cartel.
Justin Bieber offered a Plea deal for his DUI charges Posted at 2014-02-22 21:18:50 EST
A few weeks back Justin got into a little trouble with the long arm of the law and is ultimately charged with DUI and Resisting arrest. While reports are coming in that Justin has been presented a deal for his alleged crimes. Do you think Justin should take the plea? if this was you what would you do in the current situation? let us know in the comments below
Pizza Hut regional manager fired for peeing in sink *video* Posted at 2014-02-20 16:22:24 EST
How can you be a Manager and not know where all the cameras are located in the locations you manage. This is a dumb mistake that the unnamed regional manager made when he took a piss in the kitchen of a pizza hut location where he oversees. via NY Daily News....
Katy Perry releases new video for Dark Horse Posted at 2014-02-20 16:07:04 EST
Katy Perry has released a new video for the single Dark Horse featuring Juicy J. The video has an Egyptian theme to it and is visually stunning. let us know what you think about it and the song in the comments section below.
Michael B. Jordon is casted to play Johnny Storm in new FF4 Posted at 2014-02-20 15:53:00 EST
Michael B Jordon was just been comfirmed to play Johnny Storm in the new Fox reboot of the Marvel comic The Fantastic Four. This lead to a huge outrage on twitter because Johnny Storm, The Human Torch, has always been white. But to make matters worst they cast Kate Mara from House of Cards as Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman. For those of you who are not famaliar with the comic book or movies, Sue and Johnny are sister and brother. the interacial sibling dynamic is making matters worst for those w
Drake snatches mic from Diddy caught on Camera Posted at 2014-02-20 15:19:55 EST
During the All-Star weekend Drake was on stage with Diddy, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, Nelly and more. While he was performing his latest single Worst behaviour. Little did he know a cellphone camera caught him on his worst behaviour. In the video below you can see him preforming the song, then snatching the mic right out of Diddys hand. Before anyone takes it the wrong way it seems that Drakes mic died in the middle of the performance, so he grabbed the working mic out of Diddys hand since he was j
Ludacris strapped for cash after Paul Walkers Death Posted at 2014-02-20 14:53:24 EST
ludacris was in court today over child support with his baby mama. She was asking for the court to enforce him to continue to pay $15,000 a month for care of their 2 month old daughter. Ludacris told the court that Paul Walkers death has affected his life financially because when the movie was put on hold his income from it was as well. Luda told the judge he is only able to pay $1,800 a month until things get better, but the judge decided that Ludacris pay $7,000 a month for the time being whil
Chris Brown claims he is being extorted over a basketball Posted at 2014-02-17 17:54:00 EST
The other day we posted an article that Chris Brown is being sued for allegedly beating up a player at a local 24 hour fitness over a foul Chris committed during he pick up game of basketball. While now Chris' attorney are claiming that the whole lawsuit is just a cleverly worded extortion by the plaintiff to make a name and some money from the singer. The lawyers are saying that the plaintiff first claimed that he was never touched by Chris Brown and was only assaulted by a person with dreads
Birdman is dropping half a million on his BDay party Posted at 2014-02-15 17:10:47 EST
Tonight is Birdman's Birthday party that he is dropping more than $500,000 to celebrate with his friends and label mates. the party is set to happen in New Orleans during the NBA All Star Weekend, with celebrity guest such as; Shaq, James Harden, Kenny Smith, Paul George, Blake Griffin as well as the whole Young Money Cash Money Crew. Rumor has it that the orignal Cash Money label mates will make reunite for the party, such as Mystikal, Turk, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh. The event is going to be s
Beyonce half brother is on social assistance Posted at 2014-02-15 16:27:21 EST
Beyonce father has an illegitimate son who he has neglected on child support for the past couple months. Back in December he owed the baby mother over $24,000 in past due payments. Today the number is much higher close to $33,000. Due to the lack of support Alexsandra Wright, the child's mother, has had to have assistance from the government with $300 a month on EBT cards to pay for food and other expenses.
Ellen Page formally comes out of the closet Posted at 2014-02-15 15:52:59 EST
Famous actress Ellen Page decided to come out of the closet last night at a formal gathering for LBTG event. The HRC's Time to Thrive event, an LGBT conference designed to help the LGBT youth. Ellen Page said "I am here today because I am gay ... and because maybe I can make a difference." Ellen Page blew on to the movie scene with her iconic role in Juno. Her next big role in Hollywood is X-Men: Days of Future Past which should be coming out later this year.
Kanye stops show to rant on radio hosts Posted at 2014-02-14 17:07:10 EST
While Kanye was on stage the other night preforming he stopped the show to address the recent backlash he got from radio host about him being to egotistical and narcissistic. Asking Sway what they have done with the last 10 years of their life, and that they need to shut the f***k up. check out the video below... let us know what you think in the comment section below. Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.
Chris Brown is being sued for alleged beat down Posted at 2014-02-14 16:53:09 EST
TMZ is reporting that last July Chris Brown was playing basketball at a local 24 hour fitness club. When he allegedly fouled another member of the club. a foul was called and Chris disagreed with said call. The Plaintiff of the lawsuit said that Chris lost his temper at the call and started saying he is a member of the blood gang and then him and three of his body guards jumped the plaintiff. They allegedly punched and stomped on his face that resulted in him going to the emergency room. The pla
George Zimmerman fight is cancelled yet again... Posted at 2014-02-12 19:49:55 EST
The word on the street is that the George Zimmerman "celebrity" boxing match has been cancelled again. But this time the cancellation is due to the fact that the Trayvon Martin family is refusing to accept the proceeds that the fight was going to raise. So the promoter of the fight felt is was wrong to continue with the event if the money isnt going to a good cause. Do you think the Family is wrong to not accept the money raised through the fight? let us know in the comments below...
Vado drops new video ft. french montana and rick ross Posted at 2014-02-10 16:50:55 EST
Vado has released a visual to his single "look into my eyes" and brought in the help of French Monatana and Rick Ross as features to his single. check it out below.
Justin Bieber Surveillance video of egging sent to DA Posted at 2014-02-10 16:03:29 EST
police have just sent a surveillance video of Justin Bieber alleged egg attack on his neighbours home that caused an estimated $20,000 worth of damage. The police say the video is too dark to make out Justin but you can clearly hear him arguing with the neighbour as well as threatening to throw more eggs at him. With this new evidence it is almost impossible for Justin to deny he was there or involved. It all comes down to whether the District Attorney will place felony charges or misdemeanor ch
Samuel Jackson puts anchor on blast for mistake Posted at 2014-02-10 15:40:50 EST
Samuel Jackson embarasses news reporter after the reporter mistakenly confuses him for Lawrence Fishbourne while he was on the show doing a promo spot interview for his upcoming movie robocop that is released this wednesday. check out the video below. Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Samuel L. Jackson DESTROYS News Anchor -- I'm Not Laurence Fishburne, YOU MORON!!! - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe
George Zimmerman fight is back on!!! Posted at 2014-02-10 15:31:47 EST
Reports came out the other day that the Celebrity boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX had been cancelled due to the fact that the original promoter of the event was receiving a large amount of death threats on his life as well as his family. Including but not limited to this tweet;"Somebody should kill Damon Feldman's son and ask him would he put his son's killer in a celebrity boxing match." A new promoter decided to take over the fight but DMX is no longer on the ticket because more
Little Nate Robinson embarrasses the LA Lakers Posted at 2014-01-08 21:36:50 EST
Nate Robinson yesterday decided to put on a show on the LA Lakers and did it in a disrespectful way... check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments below....