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Jay-Z Drops 10 Min Long VIDEO!!!....Watch Here!! Posted at 2013-08-04 16:36:41 EST
Nobody at this point can deny that rapper Jay-Z is the most successful rapper in history. Him being "the best" is always debatable, but he has taken his career further than anybody. Most recently, he has done something very different than a conventional music video. Jay released a performance art film to his single titled "Picasso Baby." Many wont like it or appreciate it, but here it is. Enjoy.
Big Sean & Miley Cyrus Drops NEW VIDEO!!!....Watch Here!! Posted at 2013-08-02 15:45:40 EST
It seems like Big Sean is back after being out of spotlight for a quite some time now. Not only is Big Sean back, but he gets a big favor from superstar Miley Cyrus. In his recently video, Miley decided to be the main star. The video contains no twerking either, Miley is simply just the main video girl. The song is titled "Fire." Enjoy.
Justin Timberlake Drops NEW VIDEO!!!...Watch Here!! Posted at 2013-07-30 15:39:24 EST
There seems to be no slowing down for superstar Justin Timberlake. After being away from music for so long, Timberlake is back and it seems as if he never left. He is keeping the momentum going by dropping another video to his smash single. Below is a visual to "Take Back The Night." Enjoy.
Busta Rhymes & Nicki Minaj Drops TWERK IT Music VIDEO!!! Posted at 2013-07-25 14:55:40 EST
At one point Busta Rhymes was at the top of the rap game, now he is using the whole twerkin' popularity to get back into the spotlight. Who better to get an assist from that superstar Nicki Minaj. In the recent video to their single titled "Twerk It" Busty Rhymes and Nicki Minaj let loose in a booty shaking filled visual. The song might be different than their usual pieces of work, considering the island/Jamaican theme to it. Enjoy.
Kanye West Drops NEW MUST SEE VIDEO!!!...BlKKK SKINHEADS !!! Posted at 2013-07-23 14:08:06 EST
Many people have mixed feelings about Kanye West and his latest album "Yeezus." Regardless, Kanye will always be Kanye and push boundaries in his music, clothing and how he acts in general. Most recently, he released a video titled "BlKKK Skinhead." He is doing something completely different however. Kanye is wanting to enhance the experience viewers have. Kanye released the video on his official website ( ), allowing the viewer to speed up and slow down the pace, chop, screw and even
Kelly Rowland Drops NEW VIDEO!!!...Jealous Of BEYONCE!! Posted at 2013-07-22 16:11:08 EST
Kelly Rowland has since made a pretty successful solo career, but it seems as if she will forever be in Beyonce's shadow. For the first time with her hit single "Dirty Laundry" she finally decided to open up her feelings on the issue. Here are some lyrics in case you never heard the song.... Here is the video. Enjoy.
The Weeknd Drops NEW VIDEO!!!...Watch Here!! Posted at 2013-07-18 11:22:59 EST
Fans are waiting for the official sophmore album coming from Toronto artist "The Weeknd." In the meantime, fans can enjoy his recent video titled "Belong To The World" coming from his labum The Weeknd tries to connect with true love in his apocalyptic video for “Belong To The World" Share your thoughts.
Fabolous Drops NEW VIDEO!!! Posted at 2013-07-17 15:48:24 EST
Fans have been waiting a pretty long time for Fabolous to finally drop his long awaited and anticipated album "Loso's Way 2." The first was extremely successful, and since then he has been regularly dropping album quality-like mixtapes. Most recently, he has dropped a video titled "Money Talks." "Money Talks" appears on Flex's latest mixtape, Who YOu Mad At? Enjoy.
Lil Wayne Drops NEW VIDEO!!!....Cuts Out US Flag STOMPING!!! Posted at 2013-07-16 14:37:36 EST
Not too long ago, rapper Lil Wayne received a lot of backlash after images of him trampling the American flag during a video shoot surfaced. Today, he finally released that video, but of course took out the scene in which he drops and steps all over the flag. Below is the final cut for his latest video titled "God Bless Amerika." Here is the video. Enjoy.
Willow Smith Drops NEW VIDEO!!!...Watch Here!! Posted at 2013-07-07 18:37:19 EST
After taking some time off, the young star Willow Smith is finally back to making music. In case you did not know, Willow is also part of a duo consisting of her and producer named MVSIC. The two together call themselves "Melodic Chaotic." Most recently, the two dropped a video titled "Summer Fling." Enjoy.
Janelle Monae DROPS NEW VIDEO!!! Posted at 2013-07-05 17:20:41 EST
Although she is not considered "mainstream" Janelle Monae remains one of the more respected and popular artists in the music industry. As she prepares for her upcoming album that has a September 10th release date, Monae recently dropped a video to her latest single titled "Dance Apocalyptic." Enjoy.
Justin Timberlake Drops SEXY NEW VIDEO!!!....18+ Watch Here! Posted at 2013-07-04 16:23:01 EST
When it comes to consistency and quality music, Justin Timberlake seems to always please his fans. Timberlake is already in the process of releasing a new album in a couple of months, but he is still delivering work from his extremely successful current album. Most recently he dropped a video titled "Tunnel Vision." Enjoy.
Game, Rick Ross & 2 Chainz Drop NEW VIDEO!!! Posted at 2013-07-02 14:44:01 EST
Rapper Game dropped his album "Jesus Piece" a while ago, so this video is surprising. Usually artists get around to working on the promotion cycle for their next project after a while, but Game decided to continue giving fans visuals from his current. Most recently, he gets an assist from Rick Ross and 2 Chainz to provide a video to their single titled "Ali Bomaye." Enjoy.
Ciara & Nicki Minaj Drop HOT NEW VIDEO!!!....Watch Here!!! Posted at 2013-07-01 17:30:00 EST
When it comes to quality, effort and choreography, singer Ciara is probably the most consistent. After being out of the spotlight for a while, Ciara is back and doesn't seem to have lost a step. Most recently she gets an assist from superstar Nicki Minaj to give fans a video to their single titled "I'm Out." The song is something that many ladies that recently came out of a break up will be turning up when it comes on. Enjoy!
Ace Hood & Lil Wayne Drops NEW VIDEO!!! Posted at 2013-06-30 17:35:46 EST
Rapper Ace Hood is one of those rappers that were expected to do big things, but could not reach a high level of commercial success. Regardless, he remains getting support and features from many big named artists. Most recently he gets an assist from Lil Wayne. Together they give fans a video to their single titled "We Outchea." His album "Trials & Tribulations" will be in stores July 16th. Enjoy.
2 Chainz, Clinton Sparks & Macklemore Drop NEW VIDEO!!! Posted at 2013-06-29 17:20:12 EST
It is always good to see artists from different genres of music get together for big collaborations. Most recently it is a heavy start studded collaboration by Clinton Sparks that features 2 Chainz, Macklemore and D.A. The video is to their single titled "Gold Rush." Here is the video below. Enjoy.
The Weeknd Drops NEW VIDEO!!!...Watch Here!! Posted at 2013-06-25 19:01:12 EST
When it comes to crazy, vivid, weird, unique and daring videos, signer The Weeknd does it like no other. As he prepares for his upcoming album, he gives fans a new video to his single titled "Kiss Land." The video is not suitable for work or kids, so just a heads up. His album is due sometime this year. Enjoy.
Miley Cyrus Drops FREAKY NEW VIDEO!!!....Watch Here!!! Posted at 2013-06-20 17:38:57 EST
It is official, the Disney superstar known to most as Hannah Montana is officially retired. With a lot of twerking, drug references, girl on girl and girl on doll action, Miley Cyrus finally pushed the boundaries to the point in which nobody can deny her new personality. In case you didn't know, this was the controversial song where she mentions doing "coke" and "molly." Regardless, here is Miley Cyrus with her new video titled "We Can't Stop." Enjoy.
Juicy J & The Weeknd Drop Trippy NEW VIDEO!!!...Watch Here!! Posted at 2013-06-20 17:15:45 EST
When it comes to partying, ratchet women, drugs and alcohol, Juicy J and up and coming Toronto artist The Weeknd are a perfect match for a collaboration Fans will be entertained with the interesting video and the catchy song. Juicy J gets an assist from The Weeknd with a new video of their single titled "One Of Those Night." Enjoy. .
Raheem Drops NEW VIDEO!!...MUST SEE!!! Posted at 2013-06-18 13:20:32 EST
This young rapper from Toronto is doing a great job of flooding the internet with his music lately. Raheem and his latest video titled "Concrete" has been reviewed by multiple hip hop sites, and is even at the top of World Star Hip Hop today. In case this is the first time hearing of him, Raheem comes from Toronto, Canada, and is slowly but surely making a name for himself. The video below (that comes from his latest mixtape) is titled "Concrete." Enjoy.