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Posted by: reality_dealer
Uploaded on: Monday, 14th of August 2006
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Mood: Silly Posted at Monday, 14th of August 2006
Um, k. I am by no means a racist, but I am noticing a trend that has me kinda worried. There is an alarming number of interracial couples and i'm getting a little bit worried. What if all the white girls get all the black guys, then what am i gonna do? A white dude is out of the question, so who could i date then? Puerto Ricans? Cubans? Dominicans? Mixed race people? What if I want an african black dude but he goes with a white girl? You mean to tell me I won't be able to get my midnight babies because Tyrone goes out with Sarah Anne? That's ***ked up yo. The ***k is going on the world. Hahahaha, I'm just kidding yo. White girls and white girl lovers, please don't take offense.
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