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Posted by: reality_dealer
Uploaded on: Tuesday, 15th of August 2006
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Mood: Annoyed Posted at Tuesday, 15th of August 2006
Black men, when will you understand that to most white women all you are is a big, hard ***. Most of them could care less about you. I ain't gone say all of them, because some white chicks genuinely love black men, but most of them don't. If they loved your asses so much then why don't them hoes come talk to you in Lincoln Homes or why don't they drive out to the Jungle and pick you up for a night on the town. Simple, b/c they only want you for one,maybe two things. and those things are sex and the possibility that you may make it to the NBA. I mean think about it. And another thing, why do white chicks make pages on websites like URBANchat and BLACKplanet half ass naked with their mouths open, saying *** like 'I'm looking for a cute black guy who knows how to handle a woman like me'. The ***k is that? A woman like you? You aint nutting but a little nasty ass white girl looking for a big *** nigga to bust in yo mouth. AHHHHHH! And the sad thing is that these niggas out here be going crazy over these white girls. Nigga kill yoself. The ***k! Aight, I'm done venting now, so yeah.
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Date posted: 2006-11-06 23:41:12 EST    
Man i feel you knockin dawg...It's all good tho cuz you already got the penis you want AHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHHHAAH!!!