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Posted by: senior_babii18
Uploaded on: Tuesday, 20th of July 2010
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Mood: Tired Posted at Tuesday, 20th of July 2010
doin me..... trying too be happy for once thinking about me... but confused at the same time been in a relatsionship wit a guy for three year.. three years of unhappyness sad up set me doing all the work... feelin alone with a man by my side .... wondering if he ever loved me i tried working things out but nothings going too change .... if one things my mama told me was dont hang on to something that aint their so basicly i was just holding on too air .... so im doing me becuz for once in my life i feel the need too be happy....... am i wrong for wanting too be happy?
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Date posted: 2011-10-10 19:00:37 EST    
its been a minute since i posted a blog on ma page very thing goin well left the looser alone doin me now just like i said ..... im 17 now havin a ball last year of high ha im glad i wanna hear somebody call me a looser cant be a looser if im goin to law skool after high skool and will be making that cash flow.. ya i work at mcdonalds right now but who cares its money . and im getting by with it shid im getting paid gettin that bank roll aint got nothin to worrie about ... ha im loving it
Date posted: 2011-03-05 23:40:41 EST    
2010 here now... om growing up and starting fresh ... im ready too step out and show the world who i am and wanna be im moving too Arizona in
June a new place to start fresh at and once im gone .. im gone