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Posted by: killergaboy
Uploaded on: Sunday, 14th of August 2011
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Mood: Silly Posted at Sunday, 14th of August 2011
I claim insanity- your honor
bound by the rules i resisted temptation
my heart was in the right place
but my body did what it wanted
no feelings were attached
just my sanity left and a fantasy was born
a world where i was free from the attachment
of the rules and now im before you -your honor
guilty of the crime i committed
i didn't sleep with her your honor
but i mind as well have
the things i did to her in my fantasy
sick warped dimensional travels of escapades
the things we did were insane
we both knew it was wrong
we both are guilty
she consumed with jealousy of my wife
and i consumed with hormones missing my wife's touch
she aided me was their for me
i found her stalking behind my window
embarassed i called her in to attention
yelled that this can't continue
she has an obsession
and i put my therapist on speed dial
told her this friendship was near over
but her obsession is my obsession
and the fantasy we built in that moment is insanity
she knew not to kiss me- your honor
so she took off her shirt.
to resist that sight is insanity!!!!
here i plead my case but
i robbed my wife of***good marriage
does that make me less of***good man?
9 to 5 work hours should be my penality
Community service like the convicts do
or will you throw me in the insane asylum?
All that getting off easy if i dont lose my wife
one thing is certain -your honor
she is the reason why men cheat!
she is the reason why men cheat...

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