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Posted by: killergaboy
Uploaded on: Saturday, 15th of October 2011
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A chick on twitter asked me whats the difference between being a wife and being a “wifey”. I started to laugh but I had to realize that many women today honestly dont know what separates the two, let alone the true definition of being a wife anymore. Most chicks just wanna get married, but not many wanna be a wife. I see so many women bragging about how shes some guys “wifey” which in my opinion is a low standard for any woman. So I will compare and contrast the difference between wife and “wifey”. Here We Go....Like this is you agree!!


• never has to compete with other women because she is the only woman her man is seeing, “talking to”, and interested in. She knows this from his actions. Not just his words.

• The wife knows her mans family and friends. She usually has her mans parents or guardians blessings. Along with his friends. If her lifelong partner’s friends and family dont approve of her chances are she isnt going to be his wife.

• A man treats his wife with the utmost respect. Never cheats on her, or lies to her, or treat her like a jumpoff, a “main” or his “wifey”.

• The wife usually sees a side of her partner that no one else sees. She knows her man inside and out. His darkest thoughts, secrets, etc. There are no mysteries. No cloudy areas. Everything is in the open.

• The wife is the woman who a man chooses to spend the rest of his life with. She gets the marriage proposal, the ring, and everything that man has to offer her for a lifetime.


• Is the woman who a man spends all of his time with. Usually been with for a long time. Maybe even live with. But isnt married or engaged. Ever thought why? Keep reading…

• Men know whether he is going to marry a woman in the early stages of the relationship. It takes us men no time to see if a woman is going to be around for a while…or a lifetime.

• The “wifey” also has met SOME of his family, and SOME of his friends. Sometimes the “wifey” may receive the mans family and friends blessings, but its usually over ruled by him…in the end.

• The “wifey” is equivalent to the “main”. Meaning the one who he likes or cares about the most out of the women he deals with. The “wifey” is rarely the only one. Just in HER mind she is. But she dont know the TRUTH. Men are NEVER 100% faithful to a “wifey”. Heres why…

• The “wifey” is the woman who he may spend years with. In his heart he knows he wont marry her though. He’ll keep her around until the woman who he feels in his heart he WILL marry comes into his vision, then its curtains for the “wifey”. A man is going to be faithful or dedicated to the “wifey” for so long before he starts roaming. He will eventually break up with the “wifey” and go be with the woman who he will make his WIFE.

So ladies…please stop bragging about how your his “wifey”, all that means is your his TEMPORARY wife until the PERMANENT wife comes along. Then its back to the drawing board for you. Dont be stupid. If you dont have a ring on your finger then your just his girlfriend. “Wifey” is a very low standard to claim.
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