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Posted by: bobhickman
Uploaded on: Tuesday, 21st of February 2012
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Mood: Happy Posted at Tuesday, 21st of February 2012
Jesus showed, me in, visios spirits that, looked like, people and they said: 2-21-2012-hollie showed eat, it was Jesus, showing, eat, but hey theres, Gods new hammo, hes like blue bug head, God said, its the, hollie said, hells bell ringing, but another there with, its lighter color, black bell, red ringer, hollie comes out, laughing, looking over at, its angel, showing, eat, hollie slaps, his face, not formed yet, another, hollie showed, eat, bob hollie said, shook head, white light face, showed, lay down, burgundy sweatshirt on but visions of Gods hammo, hollie said, like blue, its dull, like head, appear, hollie had burgundy sweatshirt on, thats, hollie holding up banner, message appearing, on, its hollie with JEsus inside, showing, eat, Jesus smiles, hollie showed, his teeth, she saw, thats, hollie wearing, its cap, showing, banner on side of road, bobby it screwed, hollie said, thats churches, empting, people, its affeared, man trembling, people not knowing, theres bob on side of road, turning, its, changing, hollie said, thats Jesus, hollie said, hes thinking, should I God said, hollie used, its lasar comb, you see, she said, showed, but went like dull blue angelic hollie, just face, she said, jumpy, hollie said, thru, instead of leaping, but leaping, touched hands on, feet, face went brown, bob let me hollie said, record, she said, its, the, marine corp. hollie said, hey, theres, angel like marine, its bobby, he showed, got happy, looting, thats barack obama, its under economic collapse here, hollie said, for him, its announcing, hollie said, its Jesus, sprinkling, only hand see but rest appeared, showed, eat, lets rule the world putin said, sitting, its at uh table of kings, theres boris yeltsin and putin, hollie showed, turn, its, him, hollie, a she one said, showed, keep going straight, hey, hollie said, his hands not seen but it appeared, dull, its, conventions, hollie said, she held her banner up but sat down, hollie showed, turn, but did different things, different colored hands, both he and she hollie, bob my heart has rose up against you just like I did JOB saith the Lord, this is Jesus, hollie said, showed, its God, hes now, enjoying but, wasnt, didnt seem to be worried, but now knows, thats hollie pulling, her banner, hollie spreading her banner with hands, thats, hey, theres Gods new hammo, hollie said, to much, hollie said, put it under, hollie showed, lay down, hollie showed, record, showed, its the beast rising like angelic, its, pope, theres, many kings coming out, its the nuclear g8, hollie said, seal, close it up, showed, hollie said, boo, hollie comes out, they chant, its, him, many he hollies, Gods hammo appeared, sang, hes like bug head, but, hollie thought, colors changed, showed, gargle, rinse, more, burgundy sweatshirt on, you are now bob going to destroy this whole planet God said, it, was, Jesus, hollie said, showed, its billboard, bob on, hollie, with banner, but banner disappeared, its you bob, on video, thats how, you trapped, now God is known, http://www.ministryofdreams.freeservers.com , http://www.ministryofdreams.0catch.com , http://www.youtube.com/utubiaman , http://www.worldprophecycenter.jimdo.com , http://www.prophetic.beep.com ,
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Date posted: 2012-05-07 19:42:05 EST    
5-6-2012-f***k the vision, thats what your showin us, said, hollie, many tap dancing, clapping, theres pope with, like angel of light, its, mexican president dreaDING, thats, its uh deal medvedev said, with me, bobby, its, their brethern, its two clocks hugging each other, its, speedway indiana clock and one like, their on tall poles, mounted in ground, God, hollie showed, time, hammo sang, like pope man, write the vision, its the alome sound, hollie like angelic doggy said, hollie showed, turn, formed, another comes out, shows, afro like hair, curly, brown, hollie, showed, its, the american legion tank, Father shows up like ghost, fire colored sheet, its got like blue and white streeks going thru, but changed white, babyfleas is comin back, thats her, white in mouth, showed, eat, its carrot, heres is uh warning, hollie said, thats moodie playin the music, git up, he said, bob its you kristen f***king, but really was moodie, laughs, hollie screamed, hollie held up her sign, she sat, its on sidewalk, hat on, hollie showed, turn, Jesus showed, turn, brand new warnin, it was angel, hollie said, did convey, showed, walk, hat on, bobby, hollie said, held up her sign, hollie screamed, that engine is happy a he hollie said, moodie plays music, angel comes out of, its, under hood, happy, sat at, its GODS interviewing table, but changed, light angel, bob hollie said, another, showed, oil bottle, change oil, its uh starfighter, hollie said, he hollie drops bombs, but a second one appeared, hey thats nuclear explosions, in russia, its uh deal, putin, said, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, its, uh, explosion, in, many, God said, hollie showed, its, the good ole u.s.a., 5-7-2012-hollie came out, shows, its moegga doegga, its like an over weight christian, hollie showed, its, you, bob, she said, dont, but, hat appeared on, she showed, watch, its, christian calling, its, moodie having, its, I aint, f***king her, no more, he said, he, gives her, its, the loot, she said, bob, I dont want you, its, the battleship u.s.s. indianapolis, hollie showed, its, appeared, she had, its patriotic, pulled hands apart, its, has like flag designs, colors, thats ship on bottom of sea, its still intact, but hey, she said, wait another, its rusting, bob dont raise it, she, said, they could, its, the, g8, thats putin, pointed, hollie, saw, its the beast with seven heads and ten horns rising, showed, its, revolving around pope, its, like, light, streaks, trails going up and back down, from, but kings, appeared like happy mexican president, its uh, deal medvedev said, then thats three more signing, its, stout looking, cuba and nicaraguan president and its lula, Jesus showed, time, but theres hugo like mexican president, not showing, but he, really, dreading, thats, big missile striking, its the good ole u.s.a., exploding, hollie spins world, showed, its flag, bobby lay down, hollie said, its, hollie said, were clock, two clocks said, ones, speedway indiana, others, stutz automotive manufacturing plant, but face, hollie, hollie showed, its, the, Andrea Doria, sticking head out, happy, but changing, thats, its, the steam ship stockholm striking and the Andrea Doria sinking, thats it rolling, thats ship on bottom just waiting, angel head coming out, in, hands, his head, but changed to, its him, he hollie angel, laughs, hollie visits in, its akula class, hollie said, showed, bobby do something, fired missiles everyway, its, the, nuclear g8, hollie said, exploding, heres uh warnin, hollie, said, moodie plays, its, sound, thats, kristen living with, its, mom and dad, they all appeared, kristen had, its baby hollie, happy, thats closer view, its Jesus acting like baby but goes back baby, it cried, thats mother taking care of, its how I made it God said, leave her at home, hollie showed, turn, golden hand but went, monkey lips, boo hum they chant hollie said, as Father looks, big nose, like, fire colored ghost, he hollie in his, tank, its other he hollies in area, dark cloud thunders over, Fathers buske in but colors, hollie showed, rinse more, changing, hollie screamy she said, screamed again, twisted head, but not heard, hollie showed, turn, she said, its into speedway, got drink and drank, bobby its air conditioning hammo, hollie had air conditioner, angel, coming out, thats it, putting hand on table, I dont need it, angel said, took hand back, but face changed, thats hollie putting up, sign, prophecy, fifteen dollars, Jesus thinking, shakes yes, but, theres Gods hammo, tease, pointed, hollie, long finger, she said, start running, showed, its jumpy hollie, ive got a warning, hollie came out, it, this was Jesus, she said,
Date posted: 2012-03-21 13:41:04 EST    
3-21-2012-have your way, it was Jesus, hollie said, God said, hollie showed, get busy, she was lit up, light dress, its white, but same hollie showed, seemed to change a little, was all light, hollie thought, was hair light, get up, hollie said, JEsus in keychain appears, its Meteorologist kevin gregory, hes cool, love him, hollie and God said, lets put it under, thats visions kevin gregory reading visions, boo they chant, hollie said, its, him, he hollie, s, hollie showed, its the letter, it appeared, she clapped hands but dark cloud appeared over, Father flashed in like somewhat golden Father, stop linkin them up, hollie said, its, linkedin ministryofdreams, like angel round head, with hat on, hollie came out, showed, there different shades, different colors but same oh angel, hollie walked, in goodwill, its boo they chant, dark cloud over, thundering, in, going on, Father flashes inside, like buske, somewhat golden, golden light seemed appear thru cracks in cloud, hollie showed, but differently, its hollie, raining submarines, looks for hollie showed, found similar but not quite, a hundred million people are on the internet right now, God said, but first hollie did say, bob its, angelman, marketing on internet, find uh way, hollie said, you see she said, thats hawk diving down, but like gliding, hollie screamed, again, but, not heard, this is uh warning, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, hollie keeps showing turn, both he and she hollies, arrow pointed turn, like hollie did, he, him hollie a she one said but not seen but was there in dark, thats hollie walking at, its walmart, hollie claps hands, Gods suprised looked angelic head hammo, appears, hes light, hollie showed, turn, hollie comes out, he appeared and disappeared quickly, bobby its we want you come back here, circled, its the penguins, golden penguins, one appeared in like round like window setting, winked, golden penguin, hollie pointed turn like white hollie, its, holt road, exit, hollie and God said, hollie ducked in his tank, its, american legion, wayne post 64, a she hollie showed, ghost like fire colored FATHER SHOOTS BY, hollie saw, its, different hollie, theres like designs in, fire like sheet which covered Father but thats cover off, and Jesus with hardly no clothes on, new hollie wonders, hollie pointed, turn, on washington street, hollie appeared, hands hanging down, its bobby, on, west tenth street, hollie and God said, go back hollie said, its to speedway, its on the corner of, washington street and white river avenue the Lord said, hollie showed, lay down, it was moodie another, hollie said, but still awake,
Date posted: 2012-02-21 19:39:40 EST    
hollie showed eat something, when ya gonna hollie said, its urban chat, ministry of dreams, hollie said, like, its, dark angel, that went, light, Jesus, persecutes, and bob holds up sign, the Lord, and brings God down, this is the first time, God said, since JOB, I had to repent, of my evil, toward my servant, and now bob is big, and i am nothing, saith JEsus, put it under, hollie said, bob, dont use it, hollie said, they know, knew, God said,