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Posted by: bobhickman
Uploaded on: Wednesday, 22nd of February 2012
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Mood: Happy Posted at Wednesday, 22nd of February 2012
Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 2-22-2-12-HOLLIE SHOWED, ITS FACEBOOK MINISTRYOFDREAMS, BOBBY IT WONT LAST LONG, HOLLIE SAID, HES LIKE ANGELIC HEAD BEING, BUT COLORS CHANGING, HOLLIE POINTS, THOUGHT, DONT CAPITALIZE, GOD SAID, FADING SOMEWHAT HOLLIE SHOWED, burgundy sweatshirt on, when ya hollie said, thats bob leaving, but thats Jesus made to perish with, bob you never left, God suffered greatly at your hands, thats, the, destruction you caused the Lord, thats many people appearing from all over, thats several thousand, most young, put it under, bob, hollie showed, work, when ya, hollie said, golden in mouth, showed, sleep, she said, lay down, theres bobs banner appearing and hey hollie said, and its, Gods new hammo appearing, hes like white light, its bug, hollie said, hollie showed, its, urbanchat ministryofdreams, like angelic hammo head, its buske, hollie said, different colored, it was black, but had light color in, both but kept changing, thats like silver outlining, its thick but not all over, hollie showed, turn, lighted first time but normal he hollie second time, hollie showed turn again, this is, uh warning, hollie said, turned into like bear hollie, pointed up, Jesus, happy, high in sky, and its, world below, shaking, what did it say, hollie and doreen said, doreen appeared, its now im happy, world said, thats many countries now on fire, its, beast, pope, hollie said, on, riding his black horse, thats moodie and janette f***king again, bob its, hollie, spreaded banner, its deadly, she thought, thats high schools, people not looking, but hollie laughs, hollie pointed turn, but is him, he hollie showed, keep, going straight, hollie showed, its washington street and rockville road, a white light hollie showed, keep going on rockville but, showed, turn on washington, thats, empty land at corner, hollie put up, its banner, she said, thats, the, tap dancers, many, hollies, they, werent right, a normal hollie thought, its pope like angel tap dancing with, theres hu hintao and putin, happy, but, hes sitting at table, bobby, its the nuclear g8, im the beast, hollie said, hollie showed, its, cvs on washington street, banner put in yard, hollie showed, its uh long white river, thats, banner placed, hollie walking around, hollie, showed, turn, hand appeared later, like, its white gloved hand, bob hollie said, just wait on banner, give God time, thats Jesus filling in lines on bobs face, he said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, touching hands on feet, face going brown, monkey lips appeared on, bob get licence plate, hollie said, she got the new plate, its w.g.u., hollie said, its chrisitan she said, put it under, hollie showed, lay down, dreamed, w.g.u. university, im screamin for this reason, tap danced hollie, she, tear up, its the contract, bobby God said, its pope hollie said, dressed in like blue pajamas, but, laughs, kicks, but it, was hollie laughing, hollie showed, turn, him a she one said, but faced, the other, way, showed, turn, hand lit up, brown, hollie showed, lay down, white hazy like face, let me see another, said, its him, a he hollie, showed, lay down to, hands clap, its another, hollie, she comes out, hollie showed, eat something, hollie was like a bear, he bear a she one said,
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