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bytch im m3 Posted at Saturday, 21st of February 2009
Mood: Happy
waz up wit 3v3rybody im feelin zoooo good right now ...
bull***erz Posted at Monday, 13th of October 2008
Mood: Sooo Fn Mad
ok so i went 2 orlando wit 2 friendz n a some of there firends i knew 1 of them cuz i went 2 high school wit him zo 1 of da chica want 2 put me on blast talkin bout 'o red got highn droke n orlando n she waz freak out ' now i waznt da only one freak out they where 2 n zo im mad cuz she put me on blast n not her n the other gurl im not mad at da other gurl im mad at da gurl who callz herself real ...
da way it iz Posted at Saturday, 4th of October 2008
Mood: Annoyed
i cant stand when a nigga whoz been tryin 2 get wit u 4 da longest n when u give him the time n day he wantz 2 try n get wit ur friend bull*** iz how i zee it n then when he say he dont wont ntutin 2 do went da chica he still n da hoe face...
wat do i do Posted at Saturday, 20th of September 2008
Mood: Touched by God
wat do i do when i just found out that some1 close 2 me likez me...
da way i feel Posted at Wednesday, 17th of September 2008
Mood: Drunk
da kind of niggaz i'm n 2 iz real onz not feak ...
da way how i feel bout my ***t Posted at Thursday, 4th of September 2008
Mood: Despressed
i don't like da way how dez niggaz r dey be talkin all day *** and dey know dey ain't bout dat ***...
cabano ere el mejor Posted at Wednesday, 27th of August 2008
Mood: High
if u 100% real den *** wit me...