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prophecy given to the man God enters like spirit body perfect size Posted at Wednesday, 22nd of February 2012
Mood: Happy
Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 2-22-2-12-HOLLIE SHOWED, ITS FACEBOOK MINISTRYOFDREAMS, BOBBY IT WONT LAST LONG, HOLLIE SAID, HES LIKE ANGELIC HEAD BEING, BUT COLORS CHANGING, HOLLIE POINTS, THOUGHT, DONT CAPITALIZE, GOD SAID, FADING SOMEWHAT HOLLIE SHOWED, burgundy sweatshirt on, when ya hollie said, thats bob leaving, but thats Jesus made to perish with,...
the holy Ghost enters bob hickman like a body my perfect size Posted at Tuesday, 21st of February 2012
Mood: Happy
Jesus showed, me in, visios spirits that, looked like, people and they said: 2-21-2012-hollie showed eat, it was Jesus, showing, eat, but hey theres, Gods new hammo, hes like blue bug head, God said, its the, hollie said, hells bell ringing, but another there with, its lighter color, black bell, red ringer, hollie comes out, laughing, looking over at, its angel, showing, eat, hollie slaps, his fac...